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A Holistic Approach

Nurturing Recovery: Transformative Treatment Therapy

We take a holistic approach to addiction treatment by addressing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of an individual. We consider the whole person and their environment, rather than only treating the symptoms of addiction. Using the ASAM Continuum of care we provide a well-rounded, individualised treatment plan that addresses the underlying causes of addiction and helps individuals to develop the skills and tools they need to maintain long-term sobriety.

The experience of our Multidisciplinary treatment team has proved that a holistic approach to addiction treatment is effective in improving outcomes for our client’s struggling with addiction. We recognise that addiction is a complex disease that affects all aspects of a person’s life, and therefore requires comprehensive care that goes beyond traditional therapy and medication-based treatment.

12 Step Minnesota Model

Ocean Bay Recovery applies the 12 Step Minnesota Model as the foundation of our Treatment Program. Through a structured approach which focuses on both the physical and emotional aspects of addiction, our program provides individuals with a supportive community of fellow recovering addicts as well as a set of tools that can be used to stay sober. Importantly, this model aligns with our core value of ongoing effort and commitment being the cornerstone of successful and life changing recovery requiring constant vigilance, self-reflection and commitment to personal growth.

Individual Therapy

Our clients work through one-on-one sessions with our addiction counsellor, social worker and psychologists to explore underlying issues and emotions that may have contributed to their addiction.

This safe environment and non-judgemental space enable clients to discuss their concerns and experiences related to their addiction which helps them to process their emotions, improve self-awareness and develop healthy communication and relationship skills.

Individual counselling helps individuals to identify and work through any co-occurring mental health issues that may be contributing to their addiction. Counselling sessions help our multi-disciplinary clinical team to continuously revise tailored treatment plans that address both the client’s addiction and any underlying mental health concerns.

Overall, individual counselling is an essential part of our primary addiction treatment therapy, allowing our clients to address their addiction in a personalised and holistic manner.

Group Therapy

Group therapy forms an integral part of our Therapeutic Programme.

It provides unique sense of community where individuals can feel supported and understood by others who are going through similar struggles. By attending regular group therapy sessions, individuals feel accountable to their peers and are more likely to stay committed to their recovery journey.

It creates a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and gain valuable perspectives from others in the group. Group Therapy teaches individuals essential coping skills and strategies for managing triggers and cravings as well as presenting opportunities for socialisation and rebuilding social networks.

Family Communication & Re-integration

Addiction is a complex disease that often has a significant impact on the individual’s family and loved ones. In many cases we find that family members may have enabled the addiction or been affected by the individual’s behaviour while under the influence. As such, involving family in the treatment process is crucial.

By providing family communication and reintegration services, we help repair damaged relationships and improve family dynamics which helps our patients develop a support system that is critical to long-term recovery. In addition, families learn about the disease of addiction and ways they can best support their loved one’s recovery.

Families and loved ones also benefit from our support services as they learn ways to cope with their own emotional and mental health challenges related to their loved one’s addiction.

Exit Planning & After Care

After-care treatment is important for long-term recovery following in-patient addiction treatment for many reasons.
  • Addiction is a chronic condition that requires ongoing management and support, and our aftercare services helps to provide this support
  • Our after-care programs supports our clients’ transition back into their daily lives and the challenges of normalcy while remaining sober. We provide education, individual counselling and support to help our clients avoid relapse triggers and maintain their sobriety.
  • We focus on helping our client’s build a sense of community and support. Our after-care program offers group therapy, peer support, and recreational activities that can help individuals build positive relationships and make connections with others who understand their challenges and experiences.

Outpatient Program & Continued Care

Our out-patient addiction treatment program allows individuals to receive help for their addiction without having to reside at our treatment facility. It involves scheduled therapy sessions, counselling, and support meetings that can be tailored to fit the individual’s daily schedule.

We recommended this program for clients with mild to moderate addiction as it provides a supportive environment while allowing them to continue with their daily responsibilities and routines. It can also be a good option for those who have completed an in-patient treatment program and wish to acquire an additional layer of ongoing support over and above our after-care program in order to sustain long-term sobriety.

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