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At Ocean Bay Recovery, we understand the significant behavioural change required in addiction recovery. Step 7 of the 12-step program is where real change begins to take root, improving the quality of life for those in recovery. In this step, the focus is on addressing deeply ingrained behaviours and finding the power of choice over the compulsions that drive them.

Understanding Deeply Ingrained Behaviours

Substance abuse is but a symptom of deeper issues that lie within an individual’s behaviours and thought patterns. While it may seem like stopping the use of substances is the ultimate goal, the true work begins once the substances are put down. Often, it is one’s behaviours that drive them back to substance abuse, making the necessity for change paramount. Real change must occur in how a person approaches life, their coping mechanisms, and their responses to stress and challenges. Many individuals believe they are fine once they cease using substances, but the real transformation happens in altering the behaviours and mindsets that contributed to their addiction. In step 7, the emphasis is on the importance of this behavioural change, providing the tools and support needed to effectively alter how they interact with the world at large.

Behavioural Change and Improved Quality of Life

As an individual works through Step 7, significant changes in their quality of life begin to emerge. Step 7 restores the power of choice over compulsive behaviours that were driven by forces beyond the individual’s control. When no longer driven by compulsions, a person can make choices that align with their internal values and goals, resulting in increased sense of self-worth and self-esteem. This also leads to healthier relationships, more stable careers, and an overall sense of well-being. It is in this step that the fruits of one’s labour become evident, as the hard work in earlier steps starts to manifest in tangible improvements in daily life.

Overcoming Fears of Change

In Step 7, individuals must first recognise the necessity of change and possess the willingness to implement this change. It is not unnatural for someone to slip back into behaviours that feel instinctual and normal, especially when emotions run high. Recognising this pattern is crucial, and being patient with oneself is equally important. Some behaviours don’t change overnight, and understanding this can help maintain a compassionate perspective during the addiction recovery process.

However, it’s essential not to use this fact as a justified excuse when detrimental behaviours resurface. Accountability is a key component of Step 7. Individuals must hold themselves accountable for their actions while still being patient and compassionate with themselves. This balance is the true motive of Step 7. By embracing this approach, a person can foster genuine change and personal growth.

Learning to Let Go

Letting go of old behaviours can be intimidating, as they often serve as a comfort zone. However, by facing these fears and allowing oneself to be vulnerable, individuals can open the door to profound personal growth. This step encourages embracing the discomfort of change, knowing that it leads to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At Ocean Bay Recovery, we understand the challenges of breaking free from deeply ingrained behaviours. Our dedicated team provides the support and resources needed to navigate Step 7.

Through personalised treatment plans, therapy sessions, and a supportive community, we help individuals embrace the power of choice and make lasting changes that enhance their addiction recovery journey. Reach out to us to start your journey.

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